How to Massage Shoulders and Neck

Shoulders and neck are two parts which are easily affected by sport or other daily activities. If these parts are suffered, they can cause to pressure on other body parts such as neck, muscles, etc…That is the reason why massage therapy becomes one of the best recommendations in relieving shoulders and neck as well as offering better health status. It helps remove all of pains and improve blood circulation you have to face up with in your daily life. There are several important steps you have to follow to reach the success in massaging your neck and shoulders.

Massage Shoulders and Neck

Before massaging process

Preparation is an important step in massaging neck and shoulders. First off, you need deciding the stable place for massaging. If you don’t have massage chair or table, floor is another great replacement. Add other supportive equipment such as mat or blanket beyond you for the best efficiency.

Head and chest treatment

Before concentrating on shoulder and neck, you had better ensure your head and chest are in good health conditions. First of all, it is advisable to cradle the patient’s head on your hands. Then, make slight movement from right to left in a few minutes. Kneading your chest is another necessary requirement. You could use slight kneading and circular movement to treat pressure chest. This is the basic background for putting positive impact on other parts such as neck and shoulders.

Massage neck

Massage neck

Are you ready to start main steps of the massaging process? Similar to chest, slight kneading and circular movements are effectively used to remove pressure on your neck. Massage your neck toward the direction from back to ear. This step guarantees to bring the comfort to your neck.

Massage shoulders

Massage shoulders

Right after you complete the massaging process of neck, move to your shoulders. Continue to apply circular movements to treat pressure points on your shoulders. Then, use stronger force on your shoulder blades to create the total relaxation. You had better combine the relaxation between shoulder and spine for the total effectiveness. The massaging force should be moved from back to top of the shoulder. It comes from thumbs and fingertips to produce more pressure. After that, push your back out by using both of hands. It helps release the pressure on your shoulders.

Things to consider

This is a typical example of soft tissue massage, which affects comprehensively on different parts of your body, including neck and shoulders. In order to reach the best efficiency, you should find out main reasons of pressure and have suitable solutions. For example, other recommendations could be listed here such as muscle stretching, exercise programs and more. You will need the support from doctors for more help in case of serious issues.

In general, you have chance to enjoy a great number of shoulder and neck therapy. Among all of them, massaging is highly appreciated by its simplicity and effectiveness. Therefore, if you are suffered by bad pressure after hard-working days, learning this type of massaging method brings many advantages to you.


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